My kitchen equipment

At myingredients we are keen to encourage new cooks to give our recipes a whirl – so we thought it might be useful to give some tips on useful kitchen equipment. 

1 Decent non stick frying pan

1 Saute pan

1 Wok

1 Medium pot – preferably heavy based, they last longer, so although more expensive initially they save money in the long run

1 Small pot

1 Large pot – for soups and stocks

1 Ovenproof dish / pot, preferably a heavy based one, which can also be used on the hob – it will save you dishes in the long run! 

2 Baking trays

1 Baking tray with high sides – for meat roasts

1 Good sharp kitchen knife – you should actually be fine with just one decent one

1 Grater, with various grating options

1 Whisk

1 Fish slice

1 Sieve

1 Colander – if not – just use your seive

2 Chopping boards – plastic ones are fine – one for raw meat and one for veg /cooked food is always a good idea. 

1 Wooden chopping board for bread, pizzas etc – if not just use your standard one

1 Measuring jug

1 Pie dish

2 Cake tins (Round approx 25cm)

1 Spatula – if you like to bake

1 Glazing brush

1 Mixing bowl

1 Hand held blender – usually cheap to come by - quick to use and easy to clean

1 Potato masher

1 Peeler – if not just use a small sharp knife (to be honest I rarely use my peeler!)

1 Can opener

2 Wooden spoons – 1 large, and 1 small

1 Mortar and pestle

That should be enough to create all sorts of culinary delights!!!  Happy cooking.



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