Environmental stuff

At myingredients.com we care about the environment, and so we have recently created a planner and we are now working on creating ‘mycookbook’ which will allow you to manage your own online cookbook, save paper, space and clutter by letting us store your favourite recipes for you. 

You can also save recipes to favourite so they are easy to find, rather than printing. 

We aim to help reduce waste and to use up things which we already have in.  If you have something which needs used up, and you are not sure what to do with it, then search by ingredients in our ‘cook’ page.  If you have no luck then you can post a question in our chat page and we will come up with some ideas. 

For those of us that enjoy fish but want to kind to the environment too, check out this link


This details their seasonality, and helps us to understand sustainability. 

Happy cooking and enjoy – always!



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