Epic Pork

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Epic Pork


By Grigor Published: October 6, 2012

  • Makes: 12 Servings
  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 18 hrs 0 min
  • Ready In: 18 hrs 35 mins

This feeds a huge amount of people unless you are all very hungry. Very addictive and delicious. the longer you can cook it the better but it does require the odd basting



  1. In a bowl, grate the ginger and the garlic and add the molasses, salt and pepper, oil, soy sauce, ground ginger and chilli flakes.
  2. In a mortar & pestle pound the star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns. Then mix one large tbsp of this with the paste.
  3. Rub half the paste into the scored skin of the pork, put on the rack of a large (very) roasting tin and place in the centre of a very hot oven (about 230oC) for 30 mins.
  4. Remove from the oven (it will be very hot so mind your fingers!). Use a wooden spoon to spread the rest of the paste on the bottom of the meat. Pour the glass of wine and a glass of water over the joint and place back in the oven. this time turning the heat down to 110oC
  5. The joint can now cook for up to 24 hours. However it can char after about 8 hours so I would make sure you start basting it once an hour after you have reached this point. I find the best thing to do is to put this in the oven about 10 or 11 pm, baste it when you wake up and then baste regularly until you are ready to serve about lunchtime.
  6. 30 mins before you serve turn the heat back up to 230oC to crisp up the crackling. Then use this time to prepare your red cabbage. Shred the cabbage add the carraway seeds and the white wine vinegar. I would also serve this with creamed mash potatoes
  7. After the 30 mins crisping up time, serve the pork on a large platter accompanied by a salad bowl with the cabbage and another bowl with the mashed potato and let everyone tuck in family style.

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